Play Cat Ninja School Buddy Game

It’s a good game. But did you know you can play it online for free? I didn’t either and that was before I found this website which will allow me to enjoy playing Cat Ninja School Buddy without any charge or fee! They don’t ask you for money, don’t give your personal information up, nothing. Just play Cat Ninja School Buddy from here!

Susan would have used the article in her newspaper if it had been longer, with more details about how to play the cat ninja school buddy game online. Also, she wondered why there were no ads on the website. She wouldn’t have minded having an ad for a nearby bookstore on the website, since she enjoyed reading when she had time between articles.

Susan mailed her editor about using the article and he said that it was enough length, but to include more detail in the article next time. There was no need for ads to be productive for Susan’s newspaper career.

School Buddy” online: How to play “Cat Ninja

To play the game, you must first download it onto your computer. It is a free game and does not require payment. Once the game has been downloaded, click on the shortcut and follow the instructions given in order to begin playing.

About Cat Ninja School Buddy Game:

The goal of this game is to collect as many coins as possible without being caught by any bullies or teachers wandering around school. Your score at the end is determined by how many coins you collected in 60 seconds. However, if you are caught three times in one round, then you will have to start over again in round 1 with your score reset to 0 coins. If your character runs out of  energy, you will automatically be sent back to the main menu.

About Cat Ninja School Buddy Game Controls:

-Keyboard is used when playing this game.

-Left Arrow key – move left.

-Right Arrow key – move right.

-Up Arrow key – jump in place or climb up ladders that are stationary in the background of the game..

-Down Arrow key – crouch in place or climb down ladders that are stationary in the background of the game..

-Spacebar – When on a ladder, press spacebar to quickly descend; when not on a ladder, this button is for jumping over obstacles/bully teachers & landing softly.   Note: You can only jump over obstacles when the button is pressed.

-Hold Shift key – crawling; moving around slowly and quietly with this, but it limits your ability to jump and climb up/down ladders (the shift button also makes you look like a ninja).

-Click on the red X at the top of the screen after making sure that all boxes are checked off before beginning each level.

-Check box items: they include “Full Screen,” “Sound Effects,” and “Music.”

How To Play:

1) The object of the game is to jump and crawl your way through six challenging levels, past bullies and teachers without getting caught or killed by them so you can collect 5 gold coins in each level before reaching the exit door to proceed to the next level.

2) You are a cat ninja, so you have many different abilities that can help or hurt you. Use them all wisely! (Shift key makes you look like a ninja; climbing up/down ladders is limited while crawling.)

3) Controls: use your arrow keys to move around, spacebar to jump, and shift key for stealth mode.

4) There are three different characters in the game that each have their own special advantages (see below). You may start out as Puss In Boots (blue), but if he gets caught 3 times by bullies or teachers, then he dies and it’s game over for you! If this were an actual physical board game instead of a computer game, then you would shake the dice to determine how many moves you get, and after each turn of playing the game, you would roll the die again to see if your character died or not.

5) If Puss In Boots dies during play time (the actual physical board game), then he turns into dust and blows away in the wind. His dream has been crushed! All because of some bullies at school who just couldn’t leave him alone! Or maybe because he was trying too hard to impress his crush, Kitty Softpaws? Well, I’m sure all will become clear in time…

6) There are three different characters that appear throughout the duration of this article.