Online casino bonuses and promotions

The likelihood is quite high that you will have come across a promotion from an online casino for a new sign up bonus or deposit bonus. For example, an offer of “100% up to $200 + 25 spins” or similar could be enough for you to explore the space of online casinos.

What are welcome bonuses, how do they work, and what are some common ones out there? Here is some information and what to expect.

What is a welcome bonus?

The online casino market is very competitive, with the launch of thousands of new ones each year for example luckycatslot is a new mobile casino and an example of one of many new ones available. Attracting new players and keeping hold of existing ones requires a great deal of time and effort. Online casinos use a welcome bonus to give a new player a reward for choosing their platform. The welcome bonus could be free spins for slot games or actual money for live games, but there are now far more options available for new players.

As the online casino space constantly develops with new and imaginative real money games in the space, adding to the already popular live casino table games, slot video games and live card games, welcome bonuses are at the forefront in attracting new players. A new player can choose from hundreds of different offers and bonuses upon signing up, but what do they really mean and what do they really offer for each game genre?

First Deposit Bonus

New users will have the option for a first-deposit bonus, the online casino will match your initial deposit up to a certain value and remember this value will be different for each online casino as they bid to attract new players, so it is important to read the terms and conditions.

An example of the first deposit bonus would be you as the new player, deposits $100 to the site. The online casino is offering a 100% match on the first initial deposit up to the value of $100. You would then have $100 in your balance from your own money and another $100 from the online casino, totalling $200 overall for just signing up.

A variation of this, which can attract new players, is that the online casino will offer real money deposit bonuses for a second or third deposit, with the bonus percentage and maximum value of that bonus, decreasing in value after each deposit.

No-deposit bonus

Another sign up bonus commonly available is the no-deposit bonus, where no requirement of an initial deposit from your own money to the online casino is necessary. They are giving the new user free money to try their online casino, and so these bonuses may have more conditions that need to be met in order to receive the reward.

What different bonuses are on offer for each genre?

There are many genres of online casino games available. The focus has been on the need to offer appealing bonuses for each genre. Welcome bonus for video slots often includes extra free spins. This bonus is not as decisive as before for attracting new players. A lover of roulette wants a different real money bonus to that of a fan of slot machines. A player who is looking to try his luck at bingo, needs an enticing bonus for bingo.

Slots leading the way

Every online casino these days will have a library of video slots with some of the best return to player percentages in the online casino space being found here.

Real money bonuses are typically a combination of free spins with an initial deposit value also matched by the online casino. The new player can gain access to the reward by using actual money first, reaching a set value before the bonus amount or spins become available.

There are usually terms and conditions such as a maximum stake and winnings set for these spins. It is worth spending the time to look at the variations of these conditions before signing up.