Google AdWords is like playing the Lottery

The television commercial said that all it takes is a “dollar and a vision.” Lottery’s lure is attractive: a dollar can make you a millionaire. Millions of people have made the Lottery their daily routine due to the promise of “pennies in heaven”. Every morning, millions of people go data sgp to convenience stores to purchase a newspaper, coffee and a lottery ticket.

Google AdWords marketers exhibit the same passion and unrealistic dreams. Why? They heard that Google Adwords can help them “strike it wealthy”. Google’s pay-per-click program makes it extremely easy to get started. You only need “five dollars” and a vision!

Google does not advertise this message. It’s still a big gamble for most advertisers. Google AdWords can make advertisers money. Some do, yes. The vast majority of advertisers may as well spend their money on lottery tickets.

Google AdWords is to blame for many advertisers losing their money. It depends on what your perspective is. Is it possible for lotteries to cause people to gamble and lose their money?

Both questions can be answered, in my opinion, yes or no. Although lotteries wouldn’t admit it, their sole purpose is to encourage people to gamble. C’mon. They exist because of that. There wouldn’t be lotteries if people didn’t gamble.

Lotteries are often disguised behind legislation, claiming that the money generated goes to education, which is largely true.

It’s true, however, that not everyone lives above the poverty line and spends money on lottery tickets. It’s only one dollar, and they get caught up in the scam. But those dollars can quickly add up, especially if you spend ten to twenty dollars per ticket.

Google AdWords is the same. It costs only five dollars to start, so even people who don’t normally advertise are sucked in. The harsh reality is that Google will charge $500 to their credit card every two weeks and they haven’t made any money. It’s not as simple as they expected or believed.

It’s easy to point fingers at Google AdWords. The advertisers are largely to blame. Most Google AdWords marketers don’t know what they are doing. They have read an e-book on how to make money using Google AdWords and feel like they are ready to conquer the globe.

It’s not easy. To succeed with Google AdWords, or any other type of advertising, you must still have a basic knowledge of advertising. First, you must educate yourself.

The best way to learn is to read “real” advertising books, such as “Scientific Advertising,” written by Claude Hopkins, and “How To Make A Good Advertisement”, by Victor Schwab.

First, educate yourself. Then, put your money down. This is how it works. You’d be better off playing the lotto!